Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do i book?

A. To make a booking you can either check availability and book online, phone or email us.

Q. Do i need to pay a booking fee.

A. At present there is no requirement for a booking fee

Q. How much notice do i have to give for bookings?

A. You can book at anytime however it is best to book as early as possible. Alternatively you can contact us on the day and we may have availability but this is very rare.

Q. What do the prices include?

A. All inflatable prices include free delivery within 10 miles of our postcode (as set by tom tom sat nav), an additional charge may be required if outside of this area. And all of the equipment required to run a inflatable safely from your location and mains power supply.

Q. When are your inflatables available?

A. Our equipment is available 7 days a week all year round. (Please note not available Christmas day and New years day)

Q. How long do i get the equipment for?

A. Most parties are in the afternoon so we try to deliver equipment between 0800 until 1200 and then come and put the equipment away between 1630 and 1930 although times can be arranged to suit.

Q. Do you hire overnight?

A. We only hire our adult equipment overnight this is at an additional charge and is required to be in a secure area.

Q. How do i pay?

A. Most people chose to pay cash on the day when we set up the equipment Please note we no longer accept personal cheques and do not have a card payment system at the moment.

Q. What if it rain?

A. Unfortunately the inflatables cannot be operated in the rain if it is just showers then you can switch off then back on and wipe it dry. If we are in for rain all day we recommend you cancel.

Q. Can the inflatable be set up on a slope?

A. If it is a slight slope this may be possible please contact us prior to booking.

Q. How long does it take to set up/pack up?

A. The inflatable take approx 15 mins to set up and approx 20 mins to put away. However this is only an estimate and depend on which inflatable it is.

Q. How much space is needed?

A. Space requirements are show next to the required inflatable. Please make sure there are no low overhanging trees,phone/electric lines overhead and that all garden items such as garden toys, patio furniture are removed from the area and that all rubbish, dog waste etc have been cleared up.

Q. When i hire the inflatable is there anything i need to provide?

A. We supply all the equipment for the inflatable all you need to do is provide us with a mains power socket within 50 metres of the inflatable.(if over this you will need to hire a generator either from us or from a tool hire company)

Q. Do you provide safety instructions?

A. Yes we provide detailed safety instructions for every hire.

Q. Is there an age limit to the inflatables?

A. Yes there is a height limit on every inflatable the maximum height is shown with the booking information. Also Adult are only to use Adult equipment as the other equipment is not built to cope with them safely.