22 May 17 - Booking Fee

Due to recent events Claire's Castles has decided to introduce a booking fee to make it fair to us and to our customers that the equipment is only available to persons that are 100% sure that they require it, you will need to pay a booking fee to reserve your item. This fee is non refundable (unless we have to cancel on the day due to adverse weather conditions e.g. excessive wind/gusts or prolonged heavy rain) and will be subtracted from your final bill, this is to be payed within 48 hours of us phoning you to confirm your booking and sending you a link for payment. If payment is not made within 48 hours we will make the equipment available for booking again. Booking Fees are as follows

Less Than £100 = £20 Booking Fee

£100-£200 = £30 Booking Fee

£200-£300 = £40 Booking Fee

£300-£400 = £50 Booking Fee

£400-£500 = £60 Booking Fee

£500+ = £100 Booking Fee

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